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Quality blinds made from Aluminium, Basswood, Fabric and Bamboo just to mention a few.

Style and functionality in one blind

If you want a stylish and versatile blind to have in your window then you should consider a venetian blind. The different options available allow you to really personalise your blinds.

Venetian blinds is available in a number of different high quality materials; they are available in Wood, Bamboo, PVC and the standard Aluminium format. Options of the 50mm slat and the 25mm slat. One of the main reasons a venetian blind is so popular is the functionality of them, you can gain total privacy with a quick turn of the control.

Play with colour and finish

Due to the fact there are so many different variations of venetian blinds to pick from they are ideal to go in any room in your home. There are not many blinds as flexible to look equally good in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Perforated collection

If diffusion of light is something that you wish to do in your home or the office, you should consider looking at one of our perforated venetian blinds. These simply and effectively create the mood you require in your home and are ideal for reducing glare around TV's or PC's,  The perforated option bring the outdoor inside, but is not see through from the outside.  Aslo gives a very professional look in the office.

Get the Wood look

This is a great alternative to wood venetian blinds...our aluwood collection. These are a lovely modern looking alternative to wooden blinds, coming in a number of different tones and shades giving the appearance of a much more expensive wooden blind.


Wooden blinds are discreet, smart and give extremely efficient light control. They are an excellent choice and striking.... just the right balance between providing privacy and capturing the tranquility of daylight coming in. Our wooden venetian blinds are available 50mm slats.

Hammer Tone and Brushed

We also have a hammer tone and brushed collection if you prefer a blind with a bit of texture. In silver and gold

Bamboo Venetians

A new release, the venetian bamboo, lovely natural look,  give any home or office a stunning modern look

Vertical Blinds

Commonly used for offices, conference rooms, sliding doors or large windows - allow the blinds to stack on the left, right or split evenly both sides, a whole range of modern colours for extra flair! Our vertical blinds are very popular with architects and corporate institutions remaining substantially cheaper as a modern and stylish window treatment. An option to print on vertical blinds also exist.

Roller Blinds

A traditional favourite, compact and functional with modern fabrics to suit your needs. Available in a wide variety of privacy-enhancing, light filtering and block out fabrics to complete any room, roller blinds can give a sliding door a whole new modern look. A modern and uncluttered window treatment, without the need for curtains, they too are economical. You get inside and outside roller blinds, outside roller blinds come with a crank system. There is also an option to have a picture printed on roller blinds.

Double roller blinds

Control the amount of light entering your room, while still maintaining your privacy

Panel blinds

Make the ideal solution for sliding doors and larger windows. Our stylish selection of panel blinds with individual panel widths ranging in size from 450mm to 1200mm; these easy-to-use blinds are available in both - side and centre opening designs to accommodate folding doors as well as sliding doors. This material brings to our blinds a lightweight and flexible quality. A wide range of bamboo and fabrics styles are available to suit every window.

Bamboo Venetians

A new release, the venetian bamboo, lovely natural look,  give any home or office a stunning modern look

Bamboo blinds

Offer an exotic, natural and stylish look that adds a rustic feel to any room. Available in various handmade weaves, patterns and materials. Bamboo is both functional and adds a fashionably rustic appeal to your office or home. Bamboo window blinds are an excellent choice for those looking to complete the look of their homes or offices.